Tremor Media and nugg.ad enter into targeting partnership

Munich / Berlin, 22 February 2011. Tremor Media, the worldwide leading specialist in online video advertising, has decided to take advantage of the expertise offered by Europe’s largest targeting platform, nugg.ad. From now on, nugg.ad’s Predictive Behavioral Targeting solution will be put to use for all videos in the expansive Tremor Media portfolio, across its network of approximately 350 publishers. 

In Germany, Tremor Media markets more than 154 million professional video streams per month and has a clientele which includes heavy-weight brands such as Sony, L’Oréal and car manufacturer Opel. The video advertisements are delivered using Acudeo technology, offering publishers a comprehensive advertising management console. The nugg.ad Predictive Behavioral Targeting solution makes it possible to control the delivery of the online advertising, delivering it to specific target groups and helping to avoid wastage. This makes it possible to achieve considerable improvements to the advertising effect of a video campaign.

“The online advertising market is constantly changing, especially in the area of video advertising. In Tremor Media, we have found another valuable partner who, through its extensive network and attractive content, will help us to continue to strengthen our position as market leader in targeting solutions,” says Karim H. Attia, nugg.ad Executive.

“The combination of Predictive Behavioral Targeting technology and our high-quality environments put us in a position to offer our customers everything they need for an optimal market performance,” explains Marco Feuchter, Commercial Director at Tremor Media. “Campaigns are unerringly delivered to the correct target groups. This improves both the campaign’s efficiency and the brand’s market strength.”

In addition to its cooperation with nugg.ad in the German market, Tremor Media is also on an expansion path internationally: after their acquisition of ScanScout in December 2010, this video specialist has now announced a takeover of Transpera. This fusion will allow Tremor Media to expand the delivery of its successful advertising and analysis solutions into the mobile sector. This will mean that this marketer will be able to offer a comprehensive service which includes advertising video campaigns which can be delivered crossmedially on both online and mobile platforms.