Omnicom Media Group uses nugg.ad Open Targeting Platform

Omnicom Media Group relies on Predictive Behavioural Targeting

Open Targeting Platform creates fertile ground for branding

Omnicom Media Group with a comprehensive targeting concept

Berlin, March 16, 2011: Omnicom Media Group Germany, one of Germany’s leading media holdings, has entered into cooperation with targeting market leader nugg.ad. In future, Omnicom Media Group's high-quality branding campaigns will be controlled using the nugg.ad Open Targeting Platform in a publisher-wide and efficient manner. With the Branding Optimiser, overarching contact class optimisation and sophisticated branding measurement, nugg.ad offers the Omnicom Media Group and their advertising customers the most powerful infrastructure for digital brand communication on the market. For their part, the Omnicom Media Group emphasises the increased relevance of targeting through the partnership and the secondment of special internal experts.

“Intelligent target group management and the publisher-wide controlling of campaigns such as those enabled by the nugg.ad Open Targeting Platform offer the best prerequisites for the increasing use of targeting for brand campaigns too. Combined with Omnicom Media Group's extensive target group insights, we are well aware how to use this appropriately”, says Sascha Jansen, CEO of OMG 4CE, the special agency for Omnicom Media Group Germany’s digital media, branded content and dialogue marketing.

“Our Open Targeting Platform brings agencies and publishers together and combines the best of both worlds. While online closes the gap with TV-relevant ranges through our model, we simultaneously create target groups of a quality which are at least equal to those of the classic media", adds Karim H. Attia, nugg.ad Chairman.

With the Omnicom Media Group on board, another high-calibre player is using the nugg.ad Open Targeting Platform. This allows advertisers to supply online campaigns to standardised, high-quality target groups from the portfolios of various publishers and to refine them with diverse additional nugg.ad features. This is primarily relevant for branding campaigns operating beyond performance criteria like click rates and, conversely, relying on brand recognition, brand affinity and purchase intention.

About OMG 4CE & Omnicom Media Group

OMG 4CE GmbH is Omnicom Media Group Germany’s special agency for digital media, branded content and dialogue marketing. The teams at the Hamburg and Düsseldorf locations ensure the organic integration of this special discipline within customer communication.

The agency’s business activities are divided into the areas of Performance (SEM/SEA/SEO, Affiliate, Lead Management), Technology (Adserving, Tracking), Fuse (Branded Entertainment, Premium Placements, Product Placement, LiveMedia), Direct (DRTV, DR Print, Mails and Geomarketing), Future (Trendscouting, Mobile Marketing, New Technology) and Social Media (Social Network Marketing, Community Management, Word of Mouth Marketing).

The Omnicom Media Group Germany is the German media holding of Omnicom, one of the world’s leading communications, advertising and marketing service provider groups. With OMD and PHD, it comprises two of the leading media agency networks in Germany and bundles different communications services in more than 100 markets.