nugg.ad launches Audience Insights in collaboration with Webtrekk

  • Higher conversion rate on the website through Predictive Behavioural Targeting
  • Content and e-commerce providers benefit from market research data

Berlin, 11/04/2011: Who visits my website? What are visitors to my website interested in? Webtrekk GmbH, a provider of high-quality web analyses, provides answers to these questions with their new product “Audience Insights” by nugg.ad. The Berlin-based company Webtrekk has entered into a partnership with nugg.ad, the leading provider of predictive behavioural targeting solutions, which will enable its customers to immediately obtain detailed socio-demographic insight into their users the moment they access the website.

Learn more about website visitors, even if they are not logged on. Because information on socio-demographics and product interests has been integrated by nugg.ad in Webtrekk’s real-time web analysis, website operators will gain a better insight into the visitors to their website. The process involves filling in any missing data via high-quality statistical predictions based on nugg.ad’s proven technology. The product “Audience Insights” is fully integrated into Webtrekk’s reports. 

The findings delivered by “Audience Insights” and Webtrekk enable the optimisation of the first visit to the site, leading to increased conversion in addition to the expected service life and re-visit rate of a website. Using “Audience Insights”, can reduce spending on focus groups, surveys and other market research tools, and avoid media disruptions.

“Content providers lacking their own members’ area for their users in particular, can benefit from the powerful and easy-to-use integration of nugg.ad market research data. But e-commerce providers can also learn more about their visitors, even if they are not registered,” says Chris Sauer, CEO of Webtrekk. 

Karim Attia, nugg.ad Chairman explains: “Audience Insights by nugg.ad augments and extends traditional web analysis applications. In fact, for the first time ever, our qualitative features, such as demographic data, now provide the possibility of obtaining a 360 degree view of your own website.” 

Comprehensive data protection

nugg.ad’s  Predictive Behavioural Targeting augments real-time data with survey data on socio-demographics, product interests and lifestyle, based on the use of predictions and statistical recommendation information. nugg.ad was therefore the first targeting provider to be awarded the Privacy Seal of the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection, Schleswig-Holstein (ULD). nugg.ad’s product has also been certified with the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe). Webtrekk also provides comprehensive data protection: Webtrekk Q3 received the official certificate for “Certified Data Protection” from TÜV Saarland, which confirms the data protection compliance and safety of the software.

Webtrekk Q3 - The Web Analytics Data Warehouse

Berlin, Germany based Webtrekk has been delivering cutting-edge enterprise web analytics solutions since being founded in 2003. Webtrekk’s clients include some of the top banks, media and e-commerce sites in Europe. We have specialized in fulfilling the individual needs and requirements of our customers. In addition to a best of breed raw data web analytics solution, Webtrekk offers consulting services in Web Analytics, Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization. Currently, Webtrekk employs over 35 employees, dedicated to the further development and improvement of our solutions in-house. 

About nugg.ad

nugg.ad AG is the leading provider of Predictive Behavioural Targeting solutions to control advertising in digital media. nugg.ad makes it possible for advertisers, media agencies and marketers to significantly increase the effectiveness of their ads by directing them to more relevant target groups. The unique approach of the Predictive Behavioural Targeting makes it possible to enrich simple usage data with survey data about socio-demographics, product interests and lifestyles. This process utilises predictions (statistical profiles) without using any data that can be traced to individual persons. That is why nugg.ad was the first provider of targeting services to receive the Privacy Seal by the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ICPP). In Europe, the nugg.ad product was also certified with the European Privacy Seal, EuroPriSe. nugg.ad was awarded the "Red Herring 100 Europe“ and the "European Seal of E-Excellence“ in 2008. As of 2010, nugg.ad is a company of Deutsche Post DHL.

The clients of nugg.ad include SevenOne Interactive, Axel Springer Media Impact, AdAudience, TOMORROW FOCUS Media, eBay Advertising Group, OMS, freeXmedia, IQ media, Ströer Interactive, ARBOinteractive, Unister Media, Ekstra Bladet, Berlingske Media, dba.dk, Glam Media, Dennis Publishing, KRONE.at, Zed digital, Interia, Der Standard, and others. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, nugg.ad has offices in Hamburg, Cologne, Warsaw, Paris, Copenhagen, and London.