What is Predictive Behavioural Targeting? Not everyone is interested in buying a car or shaving cream and only some people are looking forward to the latest Smartphone. Targeting tries to allocate users to certain interest groups and then to adapt the ads you see accordingly. This way you will only see ads that are interesting or relevant to you.  Users who are enthusiastic about cars could, for example, see less cosmetics ads and more ads with the latest car models instead. With’s Topic Monitor you can see which interests we have allocated to you and which topics these could generate.

What does do?

With Predictive Behavioural Targeting, has developed a procedure that anonymously evaluates online behaviours and automatically assigns users to the - interest segments mentioned earlier. Advertising campaigns can now be directed towards people interested in cars, or to those who like technology. places great value on data protection and privacy and our processes have received many awards in this area. The system does not have access to or store personal data (such as name, address, etc.) or IP addresses at any time. All data used does not provide any information on an individual user.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you should have any questions regarding privacy or data protection:

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