Zed digital with contact class-optimised moving image campaign for L’Oréal / to launch Open Targeting Platform

Duesseldorf, 20 May 2010: The Duesseldorf online media agency Zed digital, from the ZenithOptimedia network, and the European targeting platform have, for the first time, managed to measure comprehensively the effectiveness of brand loyalty in moving image campaigns. Where before it was unknown how many times a person
from a target group needed to be in contact with one form of advertising in order to increase brand awareness, band sympathy or buying intention, the experts now know the answer: brand awareness is optimally increased with ten or more contacts, brand affinity and buying intention with four to six contacts. Altogether, targeting was able to increase the brand awareness of L’Oréal Excell 10’ by 50 %.

Zed digital and reached this conclusion in the context of a large-scale campaign for L’Oréal Paris. For this
customer, video advertising material (PreRollAds) was to be distributed exclusively in the premium segment and only to women aged between 20 and 49. Desired reach within four weeks: five million contacts

single network could fulfil these requirements, especially as the customer wanted to reach as many unique users as possible at the same time. For this reason, the test campaign had to be spread across advertisers, and a common, multi-platform technology that was non-existent until now had to be used. A technical, but also a political challenge, which however was mastered by Zed digital and After a few weeks, the largest premium suppliers of video
content were on board. Zed digital could, for the first time, target a certain target group and a defined contact class with a video campaign for a customer that involved a number of publishers and ad-networks. Because the targeting model by offers a statistically valid method of forming customer-specific target groups and making them
bookable, L’Oréal Paris received not only information about contact class optimisation, but also further added values in the form of the much-coveted classification of female users of blond hair colouring.

“With the technology we were able to achieve a considerably larger range in the target group than we previously thought”, concludes Lothar Prison, managing director of Zed digital. “We also learned that brand awareness continues to increase, as expected, with a growing number of contacts, but that affinity and buying intentions are increased most effectively within the range of four to six contacts. In other words, by 17.2% in affinity and 17.1%
with regard to buying intention, compared to respondents without any contact with advertising methods.

The Case Study is available for download here.

Many advertisers will benefit from the findings of the test campaign in the future. For the first time, online video can be planned and booked along the line of TV. Not only GRPs, but also net range and OTS of the campaigns can be demonstrated. From the start, the campaigns focus on a planned contact class, which is optimised by means of
frequency capping (no distribution to users who have had enough contacts) and boosting (boosting contacts among users who have not yet had enough contacts). Here, the focus is firmly on premium segments.

“The market needs dynamic models and not a steel corset. In accordance with this principle, we utilise our Open Targeting Platform to provide all market participants with access to the economic good
that is the target group – flexibly and cooperatively. Missing standards must be established in the market”, says Karim H. Attia, chairman of “This is the only way for customers and the media to establish trust in key data, which have been completely lacking until now. We are delighted to have proven the performance of the Open Target
Platform, with Zed digital as our first partner, and we look forward to expanding this together.”

“Even if we do not create a longer-term USP for Zed digital alone, everyone will ultimately benefit if we manage to advance online brand marketing. We all need quality environments for quality brands and reliable quality assurance in video advertising”, says Sebastian Blum, head of Zed digital Hamburg.

Pictures:Karim H. Attia

Lothar Prison


About Zed digital

Zed digital is the online media agency in the VivaKi network and one of the leading specialist agencies for digital marketing worldwide, with a team of 600 online specialists in 25 countries. It offers all instruments of digital
marketing such as online advertising, cross-media campaigns, content cooperation and viral marketing. Its customers include international brand name companies such as Nestlé, L’Oréal and Toyota. Since 1996, Zed digital has had its own office in Germany.

About AG, founded in 2006, is the technological leader in providing predictive behavioral targeting solutions for managing advertising in digital media. enables advertisers, media agencies and publishers to significantly increase the impact of their advertising through delivery to relevant target groups. Predictive behavioral
targeting employs a unique approach, in which data measuring the surfing behavior of Internet users is enriched in real-time with survey results on socio-demographics, product interests and lifestyle. This is achieved through the generation of predictions (statistical profiles), which contain no personally identifiable data. 

In 2007 was
the first targeting services provider on the market to have earned the privacy seal of approval from the ‘Independent Centre for Privacy in Germany’ (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig Holstein) which got recertified in 2009. The product also received the European Privacy Seal, EuroPriSe. 2008 has already brought the ‘Red Herring 100 Europe’ and the ‘European Seal of E-Excellence’ awards. Berlin’s bmp Media Investors and other venture capitalists have been shareholders in since November 2006.'s clients include SevenOne Interactive, Axel Springer Media Impact, eBay Advertising Group, OMS, IQ media, Ströer Interactive, ARBOinteractive, Unister Media, freeXmedia, Ekstra Bladet, Scandinavia Online AS (SOL),, Expressen, Interia, Internet BillBoard a.s., and Austrian daily newspaper, ‘Der Standard’. is based in Berlin, with branch offices in  London, Paris und Warsaw.

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