VivaKi launches X-Cross with for integrated moving image campaigns in TV and online

Düsseldorf / Berlin, 08.09.2014: People no longer consume moving images exclusively on one device. In addition to TV, more and more programmes, films and videos are also being watched on tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs and desktop computers. To use several screens, sometimes even at the same time, has become a reality for media consumers in 2014.

On the other hand, it has been hard for advertisers to address their target groups with emotionally appealing moving image spots. Up to now it was often merely based on individual interpretation to determine whether net reach and campaign goals of TV spots and online video ads complement each other.

Now, the Dusseldorf-based VivaKi group and, Europe’s leading specialist in digital target group marketing and brand engagement measurement, have introduced X-Cross. X-Cross allows the integrated placement of moving image ads in TV and online, to optimise contact classes, cross channel, and to maximise the net reach of a campaign. Compared to other market players, VivaKi relies on a singles source approach. To determine who comes into contact with a certain TV campaign, and to establish the online behaviour of this target group, VivaKi banks on the ideal data source: The Media Efficiency Panel (MEP) of the GfK.

Target groups of the respective TV campaigns – refined by contact classes – which are identified by the MEP, are then analysed by with regards to online use. With the help of intelligent algorithms and machine learning technology, creates target group models from this data. These are then specifically addressed in online campaigns. The target group is addressed via’s Open Targeting Platform™ – the booking unit with the highest reach for moving image advertisement in Germany.

“Our exclusive cooperation with, together with MEP’s data, makes it possible to maximise the net reach of moving image campaigns, for example," says Dr. Alfred Heidekum, Chief Technology Officer VivaKi. “In certain cases, especially young target group segments, where TV alone is not sufficient to establish the desired reach, we additionally rely on online platforms. Equally, we can establish multiple contacts, for example if a company wants to transport its image and inform about its products via TV, but would like to address the reached people with a sales-driven online ad. For larger campaigns it is also possible to measure and understand the sales effect via the MEP.”

“The integrated delivery of campaigns on TV and online has been moving the industry for some time," added Lothar Prison, Chief Digital Officer VivaKi. “Thanks to our exclusive partnership with, we are delighted to offer a solution that is based on the best data source in the market.”

Felix Hattemer, Director Agency & Advertiser Solutions at, confirms the future-oriented approach of X-Cross: “With this product, we are providing a completely new level of targeting. X-Cross increases the importance of targeting for all market participants, as we answer to the specific communication activities of advertising companies and now offer an innovative and new multi-screen technology with VivaKi, with which an ameliorated integrated planning of online and TV campaigns is now possible.”


About VivaKi:

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