Twice as efficient: successful with Unilever and quarterly results

  • increases target group share and brand awareness for Unilever
  • 231% first quarter growth in 2010 compared to previous year
  • Online market embraces targeting as model of efficiency


Berlin, 29.04.2010:, Europe’s largest targeting platform, provides the
online market with more than just solutions for click and conversion
rates. This has been proven once again by a current case study which
was carried out by in cooperation with Unilever and The use of targeting in an online campaign for the
product “Knorr Vie” generated growth of 129% in target group share and
66% in increased brand awareness for the manufacturer. Since the
beginning of 2010, targeting has established itself more than ever as a
model of efficiency for online campaigns. This is demonstrated by the
figures released by for the first quarter of 2010. Compared to
December 2009, March 2010 alone shows an increase in targeting
campaigns of 213%. When compared to March of the previous year, the
increase is as much as 659%.


“The market is looking for attractive solutions for online
campaigns and is prepared to break new ground in doing so. Our current
campaign for an FMCG product by Unilever clearly shows that advertisers
and agencies are increasingly keen to find solutions beyond click and
conversion rates. The growth in our campaign volume demonstrates
impressively that targeting continues to chart a considerably
successful course in 2010“, says Stephan Noller, CEO and chairman of the policy committee IAB Europe.


Predictive Behavioural Targeting, developed by, offers
innovative opportunities for online campaigns of many hues. Whereas in
the past it was considered more important to increase measurable
response rates for performance campaigns, targeting now also provides
attractive solutions to raise the impact of branding effects and
improve the measurement of the “click in the head”, in other words, the
emotional attitude of users towards the brand. particularly
provides the most efficient method of online advertising for
advertisers in the FMCG sector, for whom there are no online channels.
This is clearly demonstrated in the example of the current campaign for
Unilever and its subsidiary Knorr.



Download the Case Study here.



About AG, founded in 2006, is
the technological leader in providing predictive behavioral targeting
solutions for managing advertising in digital media. enables
advertisers, media agencies and publishers to significantly increase
the impact of their advertising through delivery to relevant target
groups. Predictive behavioral targeting employs a unique approach, in
which data measuring the surfing behavior of Internet users is enriched
in real-time with survey results on socio-demographics, product
interests and lifestyle. This is achieved through the generation of
predictions (statistical profiles), which contain no personally
identifiable data. In 2007 was the first targeting services
provider on the market to have earned the privacy seal of approval from
the ‘Independent Centre for Privacy in Germany’ (Unabhängiges
Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig Holstein) which got recertified
in 2009. The product also received the European Privacy Seal,
EuroPriSe. 2008 has already brought the ‘Red Herring 100
Europe’ and the ‘European Seal of E-Excellence’ awards. Berlin’s bmp
Media Investors and other venture capitalists have been shareholders in since November 2006.'s clients include SevenOne
Interactive, Axel Springer Media Impact, eBay Advertising Group, OMS,
IQ media, Ströer Interactive, ARBOinteractive, Unister Media,
freeXmedia, Ekstra Bladet, Scandinavia Online AS (SOL),,
Expressen, Interia, Internet BillBoard a.s., and Austrian daily
newspaper, ‘Der Standard’. is based in Berlin, with branch
offices in  London, Paris und Warsaw.

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