Targeting: the best insurance – OMS and guide campaign to success

  • PLAN.NET Media Hamburg and Hamburg Mannheimer Insurance: a successful campaign in OMS’s high-quality advertising environments
  • increases target group share by 47% and reduces wastage
  • click-through rate increased by 111%


Berlin, 8 April 2010: A new example of just how far targeting can go toward increasing campaign efficiency was provided recently when PLAN.NET Media Hamburg ran a campaign for Hamburg Mannheimer Insurance on the high-quality portfolio of premium ad network, OMS. With predictive behavioural targeting, it was possible to achieve a 47% increase in the target group share of the online campaign beyond OMS’s highly effective thematic channels, while also reducing wastage. The campaign’s goal was to develop a productive method of reaching a target group comprised of people between 20 and 49 who are interested in financial products; and this goal was thoroughly achieved. In addition to increasing target group penetration, the targeting campaign also increased the click-through rate by 111%. The effectiveness of OMS’s quality environments combined with targeting not only met, but exceeded Hamburg Mannheimer Insurance’s expectations of the campaign. Details can be found in a case study, which is available for download at

“We are enthusiastic about the extent to which predictive targeting increased the efficiency of our campaign on OMS’s portfolio. Also, the detailed results that we gained about the target group with the highest click-through rate are very valuable for our marketing efforts,” says Iris Hülsmann, Unit Head, PLAN.NET Media Hamburg.

“’s targeting technology is an ideal complement to the effective advertising environment design at OMS because it puts advertising clients in the position to address target groups throughout our portfolio independent of the particular subject area. This makes it possible to efficiently address target groups from areas that are hard to comprise, such as FMCG,” says Dirk von Borstel, Managing Director of OMS Vermarktung GmbH & Co. KG on the success of the campaign.

“The campaign for Hamburg Mannheimer Insurance on OMS’s high-quality websites makes it clear that targeting influences several campaign variables simultaneously; in this case target group penetration, wastage and click-through rate. It is a wonderful example of targeting as an additional tool for increasing efficiency,” states Stephan Noller, CEO and Policy Committee Chairman, IAB Europe.

The German ad network OMS has been using predictive behavioural targeting by, Europe’s largest targeting platform, since June 2009. Advertising clients have, since that time, been provided with the opportunity to use targeting to upgrade their campaigns in OMS’s high-quality channels. This achieves efficiency in reaching target groups, while observing the most rigorous data protection criteria.

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About OMS Vermarktungs GmbH & Co. KGThe OMS Vermarktungs GmbH & Co. KG is the leading national online marketer of high quality editorial channels. The total portfolio of OMS reaches 11,7 million unique users per month and about 4,8 million unique users per week (source: AGOF internet facts 2009-IV). The comprehensive portfolio of OMS includes the daily newspaper-network, which is the the number one online-news-service in Germany, including about 200 renowned daily newspapers and leading city portals. OMS also markets RMSi which holds more than 60 premium sites of private radio stations  as well as a video network with more than 150 quality websites. OMS is located in Duesseldorf.

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About AG, founded in 2006, is the technological leader in providing predictive behavioral targeting solutions for managing advertising in digital media. enables advertisers, media agencies and publishers to significantly increase the impact of their advertising through delivery to relevant target groups. Predictive behavioral targeting employs a unique approach, in which data measuring the surfing behavior of Internet users is enriched in real-time with survey results on socio-demographics, product interests and lifestyle. This is achieved through the generation of predictions (statistical profiles), which contain no personally identifiable data. In 2007 was the first targeting services provider on the market to have earned the privacy seal of approval from the ‘Independent Centre for Privacy in Germany’ (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig Holstein) which got recertified in 2009. The product also received the European Privacy Seal, EuroPriSe. 2008 has already brought the ‘Red Herring 100 Europe’ and the ‘European Seal of E-Excellence’ awards. Berlin’s bmp Media Investors and other venture capitalists have been shareholders in since November 2006.'s clients include SevenOne Interactive, Axel Springer Media Impact, eBay Advertising Group, OMS, IQ media, Ströer Interactive, ARBOinteractive, Unister Media, freeXmedia, Ekstra Bladet, Scandinavia Online AS (SOL),, Expressen, Interia, Internet BillBoard a.s., and Austrian daily newspaper, ‘Der Standard’. is based in Berlin, with branch offices in  London, Paris und Warsaw.

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