Recent user analysis shows: about every fifth OMS user is a decision-maker from small and medium enterprises

Dusseldorf, February 22th, 2016. Compared to the concentration of decision-makers within the German overall population (four per cent, see LAE 2015 decision-maker), the amount of company decision-makers is disproportionally high (19 per cent) among the users of more than 550 high quality offers by OMS in their digital portfolio. This was proven by the results of a recent user analysis, which was conducted by the research unit of “Audience & Research” on behalf of the premium marketer. This leads to ideal conditions for OMS advertising clients to address the desired quality target group of decision-makers efficiently and with high reach. Particularly through the sophisticated Sinus-Milieus of OMS, decision-makers can be addressed target-oriented.

The journalistic contents offered within the OMS overall portfolio are - in reference to the share of decision-makers in the German overall population (four per cent, see LAE 2015 decision-maker) - overproportionally consumed by many company decision-makers: about every fifth user (19 per cent) of the over 550 high quality offers in the digital portfolio of OMS, which, in addition to numerous popular newspaper brands, covers business publications as, and, belongs to the corporate management or the executive board. Of these, 83 per cent work in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This was proven by the results of a recent user analysis which was conducted by the research unit of “Audience & Research” on behalf of the premium marketer. Accordingly, in addition to the Traditional Milieu (24 per cent), many decision-makers were found to be from the socially sophisticated Sinus Milieus at OMS (54 per cent). Thus, OMS offers their advertiser clients an efficient way to address the desired quality target group of decision-makers accurately and with relevant reach through the Conservative-established Milieu, the Liberal-intellectual Milieu, the Performer Milieu, as well as the Expeditive Milieu.

From commerce (12 per cent), via the public sector (9 per cent), to media and advertising (8 per cent): according to the current OMS user analysis, the premium marketer’s available decision-maker target group covers a variety of different industries and areas. At the same time, the decision-makers at OMS turned out to have a particularly high income: while three-quarters of decision-makers (77 per cent) on the website of AGOF marketer have an average household income of more than 3,000 euros (Source: AGOF digital facts 2015-09), nearly two-thirds of the decision-makers in the OMS overall portfolio (64 per cent) stand out due to their above-average net household income of more than 4,000 euros. "OMS offers ideal conditions for the specific and wide reach approach of the highly demanded quality target group of decision-makers. In particular the editorially valuable daily newspapers and business publications in the premium portfolio of OMS are considered as the key success factors: they are preferably chosen by executives and, thus, represent ideal campaign environments in order to reach such a disproportional number of decision-makers with OMS", says Linda Mozham, Commercial Director and Member of the Management at OMS.

Torsten Eckert, Director Sales & Business Development at, adds with respect to the user analysis: “With this customized study, we examined the surfing behaviour on OMS sites, how to directly reach the decision-makers, and simultaneously detected diverse revenue potential. We offer valuable insights to OMS for their marketing options and, clearly, a strategic and monetary added value.”



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