OMS Mobile Survey: differences between desktop and mobile use become evident in the details

The recent survey “OMS – Desktop vs. Mobile” demonstrates for the first time what content is mainly used on mobile news websites, and illustrates the differences between mobile user behaviour and desktop-based usage. Advertising customers profit from valuable research findings that support the planning and creation processes for successful mobile campaigns.

Düsseldorf, 21st February 2014 – What are users of mobile news websites particularly interested in and how does it compare to traditional desktop usage? OMS answers these questions in the recent survey “OMS – Desktop vs. Mobile”, which was conducted as a joint project with Audience & Research, a unit within AG. According to initial results of this quantitative OMS analysis, the main difference between mobile and desktop use becomes evident in the details: According to the study, desktop users prioritise news, followed by leisure-themed content. For mobile users, the exact opposite is true. The reason for this essentially similar behaviour is obvious: “Which target group uses which content is based first and foremost on its personal interest. And that is not going to change fundamentally if users are on the move with their mobile devices”, explains Linda Mozham, Commercial Director and member of the Executive Board at OMS. “The survey also confirms that the type of mobile content viewed is increasingly device-dependant and situation-related. To ensure their long-term success, it is vital that this characteristic of mobile usage is taken into consideration in the planning and creation processes for effective mobile advertising campaigns.” Having already provided publishers and media companies with key criteria to improve the marketability of mobile daily newspaper websites within the scope of the “OMS Mobile Usability” survey, OMS now helps advertising customers to optimise their mobile campaigns. With the current survey, premium media owners make valuable research findings about mobile usage available to them, and provide ideal conditions for a maximum advertising effect on more than 85 quality daily newspaper mobile websites within the national portfolio of OMS.

By looking at the user structure of mobile news websites, the current OMS survey shows which target groups are most efficiently reached via mobile channels. According to the survey, mobile users are younger than desktop users. The mobile channel is used particularly intensively by 20-29 year-olds (15.4%) and 30-39 year-olds (29.2%). Comparing genders directly, user spread is also very similar. Of all users, roughly 25% are women and 75% are men on both desktop and mobile channels. According to the survey, mobile users are particularly focused on regional content as well as topics involving leisure activities and sport-related content. Men also use football-related websites on their mobile devises disproportionately more often than women, while women are more interested in regional themes and consumer advice sites. “Far too many mobile campaigns are still run without substantiated insights, because there is a lack of key information to ensure an optimum advertising strategy. With the launch of its mobile marketing offer, OMS has therefore rigorously addressed mobile marketing’s unanswered questions via targeted market research, which provides our advertising customers with a solid foundation for future success in the mobile segment. Following the surveys on Mobile Usability and Usage, a third OMS study is scheduled, which will analyse the advertising effect of the mobile channel and will provide advertisers with information as to what does and does not work on mobile platforms”, says Linda Mozham.


About the survey

The “OMS – Desktop vs. Mobile” survey was conducted from June to August 2013 by the AG unit Audience & Research on behalf of OMS. Within this period of time, the surfing behaviour analysis questioned over 1,500 users on mobile and desktop websites within the entire OMS portfolio (roughly 700 of them were mobile users and over 800 were desktop users).


About OMS

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The overall OMS portfolio includes the OMS daily newspaper-package, which includes around 270 high-profile daily newspaper websites and is the number one online news service in Germany, the OMS radio package, the leading audio segment with over 130 premium websites for private radio stations and the OMS mobile service with comprehensive reach, featuring about 70 mobile brand websites as well as the OMS video-package with more than 170 high-quality websites.

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