Collaboration between Axel Springer Infopool, and Retresco: Higher relevance through personalised content

•Individual adaption of editorial content using Content Targeting

•First presentation of the project at the IFRA World Newspaper Week in Vienna

Berlin, 13/10/2011: Axel Springer Infopool, the archive and content agency for the Axel Springer AG, is working together with and Retresco to ensure the relevance of individually editorial content for readers. In the process they have cast a spotlight on the future of digital news portals. The product Content Targeting, developed by European targeting leader, provides each visitor to the website with a personalised homepage set up for the pilot project stocked with current articles from online publications from the Axel Springer AG. The content is oriented on statistical predictions regarding the socio-demographics and interests of the user. This is achieved using Predictive Behavioural targeting technology from, which combines information from the user's surfing behaviour with online marketing research.

"Axel Springer has a major interest in promoting innovative projects that ultimately benefit our readers. The Content Targeting developed by and the semantic classification system from Retresco in conjunction with our strong editorial content represent what is without doubt a major step towards the internet of the future", says Pit Gottschalk, Head of the CEO's Newspaper Office, whose responsibilities include the Axel Springer Infopool.

"Relevance is the key to user-friendliness, but also for adding value to web portals with editorial content", says Stephan Noller, CEO of "Why should a man aged between 20 and 29, who is interested in sport, view the same website as a woman aged 40 to 49 with a predilection for travel? With personalised content, Axel Springer is addressing the needs of its readers and showing where the development of news portals will lead.

A thematic organisation and delivery of the comprehensive text pool of the Axel Springer AG is underpinned by the semantic classifications system of Retresco, specialists in semantic searches, information extraction and real-time content aggregation. Articles are reliably associated, with user characteristics established through the targeting process, in real-time-streaming, based on Solr/Lucene search technology.

"The joint project with Axel Springer Infopool interweaves the technologies from and Retresco so effectively that it is possible to semantically adapt relevant articles to the reader of a given website smoothly and in real time. This new form of Content Targeting certainly has the potential to revolutionise the way the digitally editorial content is managed", says Alexander Siebert, CEO of Retresco.

The pilot project was presented for the first time on the 12th of October 2011 at the IFRA World Newspaper Week in Vienna. For further information, please visit:

About AG is the leading provider of Predictive Behavioural Targeting solutions to manage advertising in digital media. makes it possible for advertisers, media agencies and marketers to significantly increase the effectiveness of their ads by directing them to more relevant target groups. The unique approach of Predictive Behavioural Targeting makes it possible to enrich simple usage data with survey data about socio-demographics, product interests and lifestyles. This process utilises predictions (statistical estimates) without using any data that can be traced to individual persons. That is why was the first provider of targeting services to receive the Privacy Seal by the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ICPP). In Europe, the product was also certified with the European Privacy Seal, EuroPriSe. was awarded the "Red Herring 100 Europe“ and the "European Seal of E-Excellence“ in 2008. As of 2010, is a company of Deutsche Post DHL.

A selection of’s customers: SevenOne Interactive, Axel Springer Media Impact, TOMORROW FOCUS Media, eBay Advertising Group, OMS, Hi-media, freeXmedia, IQ media, Ströer Interactive, Mediasports, Zed digital, Omnicom Media Group, Glam Media, Dennis Publishing, Tremor Media, ARBOinteractive, Unister Media, Ekstra Bladet, Berlingske Media,,, Austria Plus, Interia and In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, has offices in Hamburg, Cologne, Warsaw, Paris, Copenhagen and London.

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About Retresco

Berlin-based Retresco GmbH offers innovative solutions in the area of semantic searching, information extraction and real-time content. The company was founded in 2008 in Berlin by CEO Alexander Siebert together with partners from the fields of science and industry and has since made its name as a provider of semantic technologies, as a source of creative ideas and in the implementation of complex knowledge-management projects. The search technology developed by Retresco is capable of searching through large volumes of data with precision and efficiency, whereby Retresco utilises open-source search technology (Solr/Lucene) in conjunction with its own semantic solutions and intelligent after-search navigation.

The company's customers include publishers, organisations and public institutions, including the German Federal Ministry for Health, the VZ networks and the Märkische Oderzeitung newspaper. Through its use of an open source search engine core together with its own in-house semantic system, the technology implemented by Retresco contributes towards cost savings for the company’s customers while also increasing their reach and PI.

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