AT Internet and enter into worldwide partnership

• enriches AT Internet’s existing analytics data with Audience Analytics
• AT Internet provides advanced features for international clients thanks to’s audience layer
• First common client of the two global technology partners in Greece: ENED, Greece’s Online Publishers Association

Berlin/Paris, 30th September 2013: AT Internet, a major player in the field of Web Analytics and Online Intelligence, is now partnering with to leverage its expertise in Audience Analytics. provides AT Internet with an audience layer, which means high-quality data in real time on socio-demographics, product interests and consumer behaviour. Due to its innovative technology, can deliver insights on socio-demographics and users’ interests, even for those who are visiting the website for the first time. The two global players have already won their first common client with ENED, the Greek Online Publishers Association, with members such as 24 Media, Pegasus and DOL.

The worldwide collaboration of AT Internet and is based on the insights is able to deliver due to its predictive behavioural targeting technology and the tools and analytics from AT Internet. provides useful insights into questions such as “How many women are visiting my website?”, “Which age group leaves my site after viewing just one page?” and “What is the income range and educational level of visitors to my site?” without the need for registration or behaviour data. With data AT Internet receives real-time, comprehensive, high-quality audience insights. This data is the added value brings to the international partnership.

AT Internet’s Online Intelligence solutions provide reliable, valid, complete decision-making data. Valuable market research is included in the package AT Internet and delivers, which would otherwise be highly costly. The two new global partners call it “the best of both worlds merging together”. CEO Stephan Noller is thrilled about the new collaboration with AT Internet: “For future common clients and AT Internet’s current clients this partnership has profound potential. Previously there has not been such extensive visibility of market research data which this international symbiosis now offers. Along with web analytics data these insights are a huge benefit for marketers.”

Mathieu Llorens, AT Internet CEO, said about the new collaboration between AT Internet and “This new partnership with is very promising. Linking our technologies will allow customers who we share in common to measure visitor engagement in real time with original behavioural data. The reliability of our solutions is our strength which helped us win over ENED in the Greek digital market.“

AT Internet's partnership with proved to be an important factor in ENED's final choice. ENED Chairman, Thomas Siozopoulos, explains the association's decision to choose AT Internet and “It is very important for the Greek online market the fact that we managed to implement a commonly accepted and respected trading currency through AT Internet, and OJD for measurement, demographics and auditing respectively.
The technological expertise, international presence and distinguished clients of these companies helped us regulate the Greek market and gain the necessary trust, respect and acceptance from the advertisers, advertising companies and media shop communities.”'s targeting technology product adheres to the highest levels of personal privacy and carries the EuroPriSe European Privacy Seal. guarantees the highest degree of data protection, because neither nor its clients have access to users’ personal data at any time.

About AT Internet:
AT Internet, a major player in the field of Web Analytics since 1995, helps companies drive their online performance and optimise their presence on all online marketing channels such as web and mobile sites, applications, e-CRM, social media etc. The company's Online Intelligence solutions provide reliable, valid, complete decision-making data. AT Internet has placed agility at the heart of its innovation process to provide its clients with an evolutionary and 100% modular solution that responds to the challenges faced by companies today. The strength of AT Internet's technology and the quality of its customer relations are recognised worldwide. AT Internet has more than 3,500 clients all over the world from all sectors. The company, which has more than 150 employees, is present in 20 different countries through its subsidiaries and partners.

About AG is the leading provider of target group marketing and supplier of brand engagement measurement in digital media. makes it possible for advertisers, media agencies and marketers to significantly increase the effectiveness of their ads by delivering them to more relevant target groups. Branding campaigns in particular can be implemented more efficiently in the display and video sectors, but also in the mobile sector. Furthermore, advertisers and website operators benefit from a substantiated analysis of their user groups, as well as targeting of relevant content. is opening up new potential with its intelligent data management solution. With this solution, highly-specific audiences are targeted effectively on the basis of intent data. In 2013, launched Programmatic Premium Solutions, a solution which combines automated marketing of premium inventory with reliable target group data to guarantee higher-quality, wider-ranging, more effective RTB premium campaigns. The unique approach of the Predictive Behavioural Targeting makes it possible to enrich simple usage data with survey data about socio-demographics, product interests and lifestyles. This process utilises predictions (statistical profiles) without using any data that can be traced to individual users. That is why was the first provider of targeting services to receive the Privacy Seal by the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ICPP). In Europe, the product is also certified with the European Privacy Seal, EuroPriSe. was awarded the "Red Herring 100 Europe“ and the "European Seal of E-Excellence“ in 2008. As of 2010, is a company of Deutsche Post DHL.

The clients of include BBC Worldwide, IGN Entertainment, SevenOne Interactive, Axel Springer Media Impact, OMS, IQ media, Ströer Digital Media, Microsoft Advertising, Unister Media, Glam Media,, Zed digital, OMD, Carat, Vivaki, Starcom and others. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin, has offices across Europe, including Warsaw, Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London.

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