A motor for growth in times of crisis – the volume of targeting grows by 150%

  • targeting campaigns grow by over 150%
  • Targeting gains ground by using efficiency to combat the crisis 
  • New data centre secures technological advantage


Berlin, 21/01/2010: Predictive Targeting grew strongly over the past year, bucking market trends and  increasingly making it the motor for innovation in the online marketing industry. The proportion of targeted campaigns among customers rose by over 150% from November 2008 to November 2009. This substantial growth in targeted campaign bookings proves that targeting has emerged  from the crisis strengthened, due to its role as the efficiency driver for online campaigns. This is further underlined by the expansion of the portfolio with the addition of leading publishers including Axel Springer Media Impact, OMS, freeXmedia and the eBay Advertising Group in 2009 alone. Targeting has become an indispensable ingredient in the online mix and will continue to prove its value in 2010.

“2009 was, without doubt, the most successful year for in the history of the company. The acquisition of important new customers enabled us to expand our targeting solution to cover a large number of new channels. Targeting itself also experienced a boost during the crisis, which transformed it from being an esoteric choice to become included in the standard repertoire of online media planning. This is clearly reflected in the 150% growth in the volume of targeting”, said Stephan Noller, CEO and Chairman of the Policy Committee at IAB Europe.

To meet the requirements of new business and continued growth, forecast by the results, has expanded its server technology in collaboration with The unbelievable Machine Company, based in Berlin.  From this point onwards, the main application will be hosted in the *umDatacenter in Berlin, one of the most modern data warehouses in Europe, which guarantees the highest standards in physical security and safeguards against technical failure. Following the successful transfer of the data centre, the new hardware architecture ensures that remains one step ahead of the increasing economic and ecological requirements. This advantage also applies to security, software updates and resource management.

“By transferring our application to The unbelievable Machine Company, has moved to a new level in server technology. The benefits include a marked rise in computing capacity per server and in terms of security and software updates, allowing to continue to supply a real-time targeting solution that meets the highest standards of performance and quality”, explained Richard Hutton, Chief Technology Officer at

“We are extremely pleased that we were able to satisfy with the quality of our offer and the enthusiasm of our team. The design we have put in place exploits the most recent technology available to most effectively meet the individual requirements of the software components installed by”, stated Thorleif Wiik, Director of The unbelievable Machine Company.

The targeting solution processes over 13 billion page impressions per month and approximately 6,000 requests per second, with peaks of up to 12,000 requests per second.’s customers include the largest online publishers in Germany such as Axel Springer Media Impact, SevenOne Interactive, OMS, the eBay Advertising Group and many more. is certified for data security and privacy with the UDL privacy seal of approval and the EuroPriSe, the European Privacy Seal.

 About AG, founded in 2006, is the technological leader in providing predictive behavioral targeting solutions for managing advertising in digital media. enables advertisers, media agencies and publishers to significantly increase the impact of their advertising through delivery to relevant target groups. Predictive behavioral targeting employs a unique approach, in which data measuring the surfing behavior of Internet users is enriched in real-time with survey results on socio-demographics, product interests and lifestyle. This is achieved through the generation of predictions (statistical profiles), which contain no personally identifiable data. is the first targeting services provider on the market to have earned the privacy seal of approval from the ‘Independent Centre for Privacy in Germany’ (Un abhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig Holstein). The product also received the European Privacy Seal, EuroPriSe. 2008 has already brought the ‘Red Herring 100 Europe’ and the ‘European Seal of E-Excellence’ awards. Berlin’s bmp Media Investors and other venture capitalists have been shareholders in since November 2006.'s clients include SevenOne Interactive, Axel Springer Media Impact, eBay Advertising Group, OMS, IQ media, Ströer Interactive, Hi-Media, ARBOinteractive, Unister Media, freeXmedia,, Ekstra Bladet, Scandinavia Online AS (SOL), Tripple@,, Expressen, Interia, Internet BillBoard a.s., and Austrian daily newspaper, ‘Der Standard’. is based in Berlin, with branch offices in  London, Paris und Warsaw.

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About The unbelievable Machine CompanyThe unbelievable Machine Company GmbH specialises in managing internet applications requiring high performance and availability, housed in the ISO certified *umDatacenter, as well as in providing consulting services on IT architecture, performance and security. Our focus on the technical challenges posed by the digital economy and the experience gained by working in software projects over many years, means that we are able to design and implement solutions with an optimal price-to-performance ratio.

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